The primary purpose behind the BibleDudes web site is to better educate people about the best selling, most influential, but often read, least understood book ever written: the Bible. We also wanted to convey our enthusiasm for the incredible and amazing academic discipline of biblical studies.

At some point in the very late late 20th century, both Jeff and I worked real hard, learned about a bazillion ancient Near Eastern languages, and earned our Ph.D.s in biblical studies. Now we both teach university courses pertaining to the Bible. We wanted this website to be a fun, humorous, and entertaining way for our students and anyone else interested to enhance their biblical literacy.

So, hopefully now you're a lot smarter in the category of Bible, and when you one day soon make a fortune on the game show circuit, we sort of would like a monetary kick back. Cha-ching!

But seriously, my darlings, I feel I ought to speak on the topic of inclusivity. It's a big and diverse world, and people approach the Bible from a variety of perspectives. While we always try to remain objective in this web site when teaching the academic discipline of biblical studies, we are also making a real and sincere effort to be respectful of people's faiths and beliefs. If talking camels or exploring controversial issues such as the historicity of the Exodus have offended anyone, we apologize, as that was not our intent.