Who's Who in BibleDudes

There are four main characters used throughout the BibleDudes web site.
Let's take a second and meet 'em . . .

Hi! My name is Mike, a shortened moniker for Michael M. Homan. I'm a middle-aged fat guy from Nebraska of all places. I'm married to Therese Fitzpatrick, the fantastic girl who drew all of these images. I've got two children: Kalypso and Gilgamesh, proving the disadvantage of having a father obsessed with antiquity. I used to be in a band, but now spend quite a bit of time teaching, traveling, and digging up ancient Near Eastern history with my trowel. I am a professor at Xavier University of Louisiana way down yonder in New Orleans.

My name is Jeff, though in reality my fuller name is Jeffrey C. Geoghegan. I am a professor at Boston College, where I teach and do research on the Bible and the broader ancient Near East, including such places as Egypt and Mesopotamia. When my nose isn't buried in a book or glued to my computer, I enjoy spending time with my family: Jannetta, who is my best friend, and our children, Nathaniel, Brittany and Abigail.

Darlings! My name is Cleopatra, and it brings me such joy to make your acquaintance. I am a beautiful and sophisticated dromedary, not to be confused with the shorter two humped Bactrian. I'm Egyptian, and sort of a charming combination of Liz Taylor and Oprah.

I am a crotchety old donkey named Methuselah, named after the oldest guy in the Bible, who lived to be 969 (Genesis 5:27). I'm quite a bit younger than that, am slightly anthropomorphic, and don't mind saying I have little patience, hate kids, and have a rather unpleasant disposition. I don't exist and don't want to be here.