Wisdom of Solomon

God visited Solomon in a dream, and asked the young king what he might want from God. Solomon requested an understanding mind to better govern his people. And this answer so pleased God that he not only bestowed upon Solomon wisdom, but also long life, riches, and honor.

So that's how King Solomon got so smart. I thought it was because he listened to the thousands of women in his life.

I'm sure that helped too. But for now, in order to help explain the Apocryphal book The Wisdom of Solomon, I've asked my friend and the book's author Solomon to tell us a bit about this amazing poem.

Actually BibleDudes, I didn't write this poem, as it was composed during the Hellenistic period most likely in the first century BCE, nearly 1,000 years after my death. But because I'm so famous for being smart, some later author put my name to it, meaning it's pseudepigraphical. But after reading this brilliant poem, the author must have been nearly as intelligent as me. There is some pretty erudite advice in The Wisdom of Solomon.

Right on King Solomon dude! The poem speaks of wisdom being, like, a gift, and how rulers of the world ought to become more wise to be better leaders. The poem also speaks of how the desire for wisdom leads to God. And being university professors in theology departments, Jeff and I would have to agree with that.

I also found it interesting that in the poem, wisdom is personified as a woman. I fell in love with this lady wisdom and tried to marry her. My desire and love for her enriched my life, and made me a much better leader.

Darlings, it should come as no surprise that wisdom is depicted as being a woman. This is even more evident if you've interacted with male camels to any significant extent.

In the next Apocryphal book, which has Ecclesiasticus among its many names, we'll read about some more very good advice.